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What are Ata products?

Ata used in Ata products is a plant of the fern family that lives in Indonesia. The stems of the Ata are split like strings to adjust the thinness, and skilled craftsmen manually weave each piece.

atta plant

Atta's stitch

Because it is tightly woven, Ata products are durable and do not lose their shape. After knitting, it is dried in the sun for about a week. After drying in the sun, it is smoked using crushed coconut fruit. The smoking process for about 2 to 3 days provides insect and mold repellent effects, and the product has a candy-colored finish. (Paint is used for Ata products such as black and red.) It takes about a month or more to complete an Ata bag, and it takes three times as long to make a thin Ata bag with fine weave. The value of Ata products is determined by the fineness and care of the weaving. Ata products are natural products, so the more you use them, the more their flavor will come out, so we hope you enjoy them.


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