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No Plastic products, Add Teak. "Plus-teak"

There is a reason why teak has been valued for so long.

You may think it is just a tree, but it is so precious and good that it is considered one of the three most precious woods in the world. And the countries where it can be harvested are also limited (and there are regulations).

Of course, wooden plates available on the market are also good for use, but if you want to use a good one for a long time, this is recommended for those who want to use it. Maintenance is easy, as all you need to do is apply oil.

Once you try oiling it, you will be addicted to it.

The reason why teak is called the "jewel of wood" is very convincing at this time.

There is a reason why teak has long been used for luxury furniture and luxury cruise ships. It is highly durable and enjoys deterioration over time. The wood will change its expression along with your memories.

We hope you will enjoy the "One of a kind in the world" that nature has to offer!

The rest of this article is my own thoughts and opinions, so please read it only if you want to read it for reference.

The news has been making a lot of noise about global warming and decarbonization, but this is basically because consumers want things that are convenient, pretty, and beautiful, and producers are manufacturing petroleum-based products that emit more carbon dioxide than demand.

And don't you have trouble throwing away old things?

For example, let's compare a plastic plate with a wooden plate (unpainted).

Let's say both plates are broken. What would you do?

Throw them away, right? You would throw the plastic one in the recycle bin....

After all, you are not doing a good thing for the earth because you are burning it.

Burning plastic produces especially harmful smoke. At this point, it is already bad for the global environment. The reason why we recommend wooden products is that they will return to the soil and the earth.

Burning wood (unpainted) by yourself produces carbon, but it is no different from burning firewood at a camp. If you want to use it, you can DIY shave it down and make something else out of it.

If you bury it in the ground, it will return to the earth.

Of course, only the cutting down of trees needs to be controlled.

We, ORCA do not buy or make large quantities of useless things. If we don't have enough, we would like to manufacture it by order.


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