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​About Orca




Thanks to the development of petroleum product technology, the spread of automation, and advances in science, we can easily produce large quantities of products, which has enriched our lives.


On the other hand, the world is overflowing with useless things, and the traditional culture, crafts, and craftsmanship skills that form the basis of life are disappearing.


There are many outstanding traditional crafts on earth, many of which do not rely on machines, are made using traditional methods, and the raw materials are gifts from nature.

When you pick it up, you can feel the warmth.

Image by Thomas Lipke

M Kado


ORCA was established in 2023 with the aim of discovering the wisdom, methods, designs, and corresponding value from our predecessors around the world, and becoming a total coordinator of product development, wholesaling, PR, etc.


We do not insist on mass production of the products we provide, but rather continue to cherish the idea of ``giving our customers valuable products that they can cherish and use for a long time.''


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​Planning/manufacturing/sales of furniture and miscellaneous goods ~ORCA~

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Thoughts behind “Orca”


Lives in oceans around the world,

The Orca is the strongest mammal in the ocean with no natural enemies.

They live in families and are social and warm-hearted creatures.

They are also characterized by high intelligence and long lifespans.

"Run around the world with friends" like Orca

We aim to become a brand with such a strong presence.

That's what I'm aiming for.

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