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The charm of teakwood, one of the world's three most precious woods

Teakwood, one of the world's three most precious woods, is also known as the "jewelry of wood" and has been loved all over the world since ancient times. Of course, it is one of the most valuable types of wood. This time we will introduce three characteristics of teak wood.

Teak wooden tableware

① Hard and durable

Water-resistant Teak wood is so hard that it has been used for ships, high-end furniture, and wooden decks for a long time, and it contains plenty of high-quality oil. It is highly water resistant and does not rot easily, making it the perfect wood for both indoor and outdoor items.

②Easy to clean

The wood surface contains oil and is very smooth to the touch, so it can be used in humid areas without any problems. To take care of your tableware, simply wash them with dish detergent and let them dry naturally. If the oil on the wood surface disappears while you are using it, just wipe it with olive oil or cooking oil. *Do not leave it in water, put it in the dishwasher, or put it in the microwave!

③Enjoy change

Even if trees are cut down, they still breathe. Solid natural wood changes beautifully depending on how you care for it. The color will change as you use it for a long time. As you take care of them, they will grow attached to you, so please raise them like your own children.


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